16 Smart Small Bathroom ideas

Small Bathroom makeover will need this info.
Also if you plan to build a new bathroom.
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1.►0:23|Add a frame to your basic mirror.
2.►0:42|How to Hang spice racks to organize your hair products and lotions.
Prod: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40070185/
3.►1:03|Use coat hooks instead of a towel rod for shared bathrooms.
More photos: http://following-friends.com/2012/02/28/master-bathroom/
Prod: http://goo.gl/kjmNYr
4.►1:29|Do small storage solutions with StickOnPods..
DIY: http://www.stickonpods.com/
Prod: http://goo.gl/MbRXxH
5.►1:48|Bobby pins and magnets.
6.►1:59|Hang two shower rods to secure baskets
DIY: http://goo.gl/79S1a2
Sample: http://www.dormco.com/Pebblz_Shower_Basket_Caddy_p/h1-3-3-5118.htm
7.►2:17|Add a book shelf above your bathroom door for extra storage.
DIY: http://www.marthastewart.com/275378/25-bathroom-organizers/@center/276989/organizing#235821
8.►2:32|Create a focal point, like your shower curtain, to draw visual attention to a single place.
DIY: http://my.hgtvremodels.com/rate-my-remodel/Bathrooms/Mid-Century-Yellow-and-Gray-Bathroom/detail.esi?oid=506688
9.►2:55|Use a stacked plate rack to add extra counter storage space.
DIY: http://blissfullydomestic.com/home-bliss/more-white-dish/1459/
10.►3:12|Make a magnet board to organize your makeup.
11.►3:29|How to Hang up mason jars to store little things?
12.►3:40|Add a larger mirror to reflect more space.
13.►3:51|Roll your towels..
more info:
14.►4:11|Install pull-out drawers in your cabinets.
15.►4:28|Install multiple towel rods on the back of your door.
Prod: http://goo.gl/5O4GKQ
DIY: http://www.marthastewart.com/275378/25-bathroom-organizers/@center/276989/organizing
16.►4:37|A Down-and-Dirty DIY Shower Rack Hack
a nice Do-It-Yourself Shower Rack hack to get more space to place soap bars, shampoo, and scrubbing sponges!
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