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Learn how to remodel a master bathroom floor layouts and best diy bath remodel pictures. How can universal design help in the bathroom? Universal design principles aim to make your life easier and safer. Approximately 9,000 people die and 300,000 people nationwide are injured in the U.S. every year in bathroom-related accidents. Using the latest advancements in materials and manufacturing, it's easy to install affordable universal design products can blend in with the d├ęcor of most bathrooms. This article shares pictures of the finest and well designed bathroom flooring ideas with best layouts and designer options.



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Using universal design principles you can create a stylish bathroom with ample room to maneuver with features such as, various grab bars and an open shower without a threshold and fixtures at appropriate heights. A cascading waterfall can give any bathroom a spa-like feel. People love waterfalls, they love, the look, the sound and the lighting. Waterfalls in bathrooms can be very soothing and relaxing. After a stressful day, go into the bathroom, lower the lights and turn on the music, relax into the tub. As the lights reflected off the air bubbles and you listen to the sound of the water you'll be transformed as you transcend your earthly constraints. Perhaps the bathroom layout is not big enough, try our diy ideas for small bathrooms with a master bath feel.



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You can choose from a tabletop fountain to place on top of your vanity, wall mounted type fountain which will require installation or a floor or freestanding fountain. Your bathroom floor is going to have to be safe, durable and functional, you may consider installing radiant floor heat to increase your comfort. By far the most common material when designing bathroom floor plans is tile. With tile you can create a custom and intricate pattern that will make your bathroom stand out! Also tile will last for many years if taken care of properly. Along with tile there are many other bathroom flooring options available to choose from, such as stone, vinyl plank flooring, waterproof laminate or even bamboo.


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In the master bathroom you'll probably want a separate shower and tub as well as the best vanity lighting ideas and plenty of storage. Many homeowners are replacing their noisy Jacuzzi tubs with large deep soaking tubs along with an oversized shower with a bench, which may include multiple shower heads and a steam option. Try increasing the natural light into your master bathroom with a sun-tube or skylight. Other features to increase the comfort in your master bathroom range from a mini refrigerator to LCD TV's. A private "toilet room" has become a big trend lately. They can be a separate room within a room, if it's a large area your could include a bidet, pedestal sink or urinal. Smaller areas can be separated from the main bath area with half or full walls.


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